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Why You Should Hire a Licensed & Insured Electrician

May 18, 2019 | Blog

Owning a home comes with expenses that are planned like a kitchen remodel or adding an outdoor living area.  Other times, there are unplanned expenses like damage from a storm or rodents creating havoc.  There are a lot of projects that can be done DIY after watching YouTube or having a friend help with your project.

What most people don’t realize is that almost all electrical wiring should be performed by a state-licensed & insured electrician.

Many times homeowners question if they really need to hire an electrician. They are worried it may cost too much and some think hiring a ‘professional’ is overkill for their project.  Home projects requiring electrical work that is done DIY, or by someone who does not have the proper state licensing can be potentially dangerous. Homeowners end up finding out too late that the work done either doesn’t pass inspection or code, or the person they hired is unable to finish the job. If the job fails inspection or something bad happens, the homeowner then realizes they have to hire a professional electrical company.  This could also mean going over budget because the homeowner now has paid two people to do the same job.

So Now You May Be Wondering “What Should I Be Looking For In An Electrician?”

Licensed & Insured’, What Does This Mean?

The State of Texas has strict licensing regulations and not all electrical licenses are the same. In order to provide electrical work in Texas, a business must have the following two unexpired licenses & insurance:

  • Master Electrician License
  • Texas Electrical Contractors License (TECL)
  • Minimum $600K In General Liability Insurance

If the electrician you hired is unable to provide these credentials or does not work for a company that meets these minimum requirements, the work is not considered legal by the State of Texas regulations.

  • Did you know all trade licenses are public record? As a consumer, you are able to verify if a business is in good standing with Texas requirements by visiting

Your Homeowners’ Insurance Requires Electrical Work To Be Performed by A Licensed Professional

If the work performed is faulty, causing a fire, or is unable to pass inspection, your insurance company will likely request proof that you used a licensed electrical company.  Claims can be denied if you did not use a company that meets Texas regulations.

Are You Selling A Home or Will You Be Having An Inspection?

If your home doesn’t pass the inspection, you will be required to hire a licensed electrical company to bring your home up to code. If the inspector has questions about a project that was done, you need to be able to provide proof that you used the services of a licensed electrical company.

Are You Planning A Remodel or Building A New Home?

If so, the electrical work will likely need a permit from the city or county you live in. Only a company that meets the above state requirements can receive a permit.

Whether you want a ceiling fan, new lighting installed, remodeling, building new or need a new breaker box, be sure to hire a Texas State licensed and insured electrical company to complete the work.

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