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What Is A Master Electrician?

electrician standing in front of a work vehicle

Everything You Need to Know About a Master Electrician

As a Master Electrician, you are a very knowledgeable electrician who has at least 12,000 hours of experience.  To apply for the license, you will need to turn in all of your accumulated hours (with at least 2 years or 4,000 hours as a Journeyman) with the Experience Verification Form & take an exam.

Although a Master Electrician license is the highest license available, there is still one more option to consider…

Have you ever wanted to own your own business?  As a Master, not only are you able to supervise all other licenses & train them, but you also have the ability to become an entrepreneur!

To become a business owner, you apply for a Texas Electrical Contractor License (TECL).  As the owner of an Electrical Contractor business, you are able to provide electrical services in Texas and hire other licensed electricians to work for your company; where the process continues with new apprentices.

Just as with any other electrical license, each year you will take continuing education and renew your Master License & TECL (if you are a business owner).

This truly is an awesome career path with typically ZERO student debt!  With this career, you are able to create your own future and one day have the opportunity to open your own business or join a franchise with your Master Electrical License.