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Outlet and Switch Repair

Electrical Outlets and Switches Services

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Outlets and Switches Frisco DFW

Over time, electrical outlets wear out from constant use and can put you in danger if they’re not working properly. Benchmark Electrical Services provides upfront, flat-rate pricing for all services, including outlet replacement, to keep your family safe without breaking the bank.

Replacing Electrical Outlets

Every time you plug and unplug a cord, the metal prongs grind against the metal terminals. After years of continuous use, the terminal screw connection to the wires becomes loose, causing a lack of voltage being sent to your appliance. Heat begins to build up the more electrical resistance the outlet has, causing a fire hazard or damaging the outlet’s plastic or internal elements.

Some loose electrical outlets repair easily by having an electrician tighten the connection between the wires and screws. However, replacing and updating outlets is more cost-effective and efficient. Newer outlets will be more efficient and less likely to become loose, which sometimes happens to repaired outlets. If you’re experiencing any of the four common problems below, call us today to update your outlets!

The plastic cover (faceplate) is cracked or broken:

The faceplate of your outlets is there for your protection. The arc of electricity going from the terminals to your appliance can transfer to you if the cover is cracked or broken and can ignite nearby objects.

Your outlet(s) feels warm or has heat marks:

The minute you notice an outlet is warm to the touch or has marks like it’s been burned, you need to turn the breaker off for that outlet and call an electrician. A hot outlet can spark a fire if an object is close to it – or cause electrocution.

Cords are easily removed or fall out of the outlet:

Cords should be tightly plugged into an outlet at all times. If a cord can be easily removed or falls out when it’s touched, your outlet needs repair or replacement to avoid electrical arcs from shocking you or shooting into the wall.

Your house still has 2-prong outlets:

The only time you’ve ever probably thought twice about this is when you go to plug in something with three prongs and you can’t. Homes built before 1965 originally had 2-prong outlets. Although many of these houses have been updated to 3-prong outlets, some still have the 2-prong outlets.

Starting in 1965, the National Electrical Code required all homes to be built with 3-prong outlets, introducing the ground wire. The 2-prong outlets are not grounded, meaning you can easily be shocked, fires can start easier and appliances can be damaged if there’s a power surge. Updating your home to 3-prong outlets will not only increase the safety of your house but give your peace of mind, as well.

USB and GFCI Outlet Installation

Even if you’re not experiencing any of the problems above, maybe it’s just time for an update. Many devices today, like phones and tablets, use a USB charging port. USB wall outlet installation is a popular update, adding value to your home and ease to your life. Instead of keeping track of the USB block your phone has to have to plug into the wall, you can plug directly into the outlet.

Another update your house should have to keep you safe and prevent electrocution is a GFCI outlet. These outlets are placed in areas of high moisture, like a kitchen or bathroom sink. This outlet constantly monitors for disruption in the electrical flow – so if something touches water, the outlet immediately stops the flow of electricity.

Benchmark Electrical Services is dedicated to our customers and their safety. We’re the electrical outlet replacement company Frisco homeowners depend on. If you’re experiencing problems with your outlets, contact us today to restore your safety and peace of mind!

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Professional and Knowledgeable

I’ve used Benchmark twice for significant electrical repairs. Glenn, Taylor, and Sumar are great to work with. They are knowledgeable, courteous, personable, polite and efficient. They take great pride in what they do, which is clearly shown in the end product.

P. Foshee

Great Work & Reasonable Price

They always do great work at reasonable prices. This time, Glenn was able to call my light switch MFR and they are sending me a new switch and providing an extra one for the hassle. Thanks, Glenn!

Dave W.

Professional & Knowledgeable

Benchmark Electrical Services were able to help me on the same day. They were very professional and knowledgeable and really seemed to care. Did I mention they were affordable? One of the best companies in Frisco. Thank you for your help.

Jas M.

Polite & Friendly

I had Benchmark Electrical install my Tesla wall connector. Technician Glenn was on time, explained it all, installed it professionally, tested and most of all he was very polite and friendly. Reasonably priced. Strongly recommended.

Ramesh K.

Fast & Reliable

Great place to do business with. Response time is fast, technicians are friendly, clean and knowledgeable and work product is exceptional. I would recommend Benchmark Electrical to anyone.

Wally B.