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This is Why Your Lights are Flickering


Flickering lights in your home can be caused by several different things. Some causes are more serious than others, so it’s always important to find the root of the problem as soon as possible to avoid any potentially dangerous effects.

To help you figure out why your lights may be having trouble, here are some common causes of flickering lights. 

Using Fluorescent or LED Lights

Certain light bulbs are more prone to flickering than others. If you have fluorescent lights installed in your home, they may flicker slightly whenever you first turn them on. This can happen as the bulb works to reach peak illumination – or if the bulb is connected to a faulty ballast.

LED lights can also experience flickering if they are incorrectly connected to a driver or are incompatible with a home’s dimming system. Both of these issues are common with fluorescent and LED lights and aren’t usually an indication of any greater underlying electrical issues. 

Loose Light Bulbs or Faulty Light Switch

One simple cause of light flickering can be attributed to light bulbs that aren’t completely screwed into their sockets. Your home’s lights could also flicker if the wiring in the light switches have trouble connecting to the bulbs.

The first issue can be easily remedied by manually tightening the loose bulb. However, the second problem may require a complete light switch replacement if the flickering becomes a frequent occurrence.

Running Home Appliances

Some appliances draw a larger electrical current as they run making lights flicker. Also, lights that dim — reducing to a lower brightness for longer than a second — while an appliance is on could be caused by inadequate wiring to the appliance.

Loose Electrical Wiring

Lights that flicker, dim or make a buzzing noise when turned on could be a sign of loose wiring. If you think there might be a loose wire in one of your light fixtures, shut off the light on your circuit breaker before investigating any wiring. Loose wiring is a major electrical hazard, so it’s important to contact an electrical professional if you suspect it to be the cause of your flickering lights.

When to Call an Electrician

Whenever an electrical issue seems to require more than a simple fix, it’s always a good idea to contact your local electrical services expert. With that in mind, if you have any flickering lights in your home and would like an experienced electrician to assess the situation, contact Benchmark Electrical Services today.