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6 Biggest Electrical Hazards in Your Home

outlet that is sparking

With the abundance of modern electronics, our homes have become more wired than ever. But with extra electrical cords, comes even more hazards. It’s important to know what electrical hazards you may have in your home and how to resolve them. 

Here at Benchmark Electrical Services, we are experts when it comes to electrical work. Here are 6 electrical hazards you may have in your home.

Extension Cords and Power Strips

Older homes and small apartments are hardly ever equipped with the number of outlets we’d like them to have. Power strips can help alleviate this by increasing the number of outlets. However, it’s important to never overload a power strip, as it could be a very serious electrical hazard. When you aren’t using any of the appliances on the power strip, consider turning the power strip off. It’s also important to not plug in another power strip or extension cord into a power strip. 

Extension cords can also be a hazard. While they are great for extending your outlet, they can be a hazard if they are out in the open. If they rip from the wall, it could cause a serious electrical issue and damage the outlet. It’s best to use them only when necessary and unplug them when they aren’t used.

Covered Electrical Cords

We all have a desk or TV stand that looks great from the front, but behind they are hiding a jungle of cords. While it’s difficult to keep these cords neat, it’s important to keep them organized so the cords don’t get too hot. Covered cords build a lot of heat and it can quickly become an electrical hazard. Try to organize your cords so they can have more room to breathe and never cover cords with a cloth or rug.

Overloaded Outlets

We all have dozens of electronic devices that need charging, but it’s important to not overload a single outlet. Don’t use more than one power strip or any other outlet extender on a single outlet. If you aren’t using all of the devices plugged into the outlet, unplug them to reduce your chance of encountering an electrical issue.

Outlets Close To Water

Water and electricity do not mix. If you have outlets outside of your home, in the kitchen or the bathroom it’s important to keep them protected from water. To prevent any danger, buy plastic outlet covers to protect your outlets from making contact with water.


Picking out the right light bulb can be difficult. They come in different styles, sizes, and colors. But the thing you want to pay attention to is the wattage. Using a bulb with the wrong wattage can be very hazardous. When replacing a light bulb, make sure you are replacing it with a bulb with the same wattage.

Poor and Defective Wiring

Wiring that is up to the highest safety standards is important to you and your home’s safety. If your home has poor wiring, the risk for power surges, arc faults, and fire is much higher. If you happen to notice damaged, cracked, corroded or worn wiring, the best thing you can do is call an electrician to fix the issue. Furthermore, it’s important to have an electrician inspect your wiring at least once every 2-3 years.

If you are ready to have your home’s electrical work inspected, contact Benchmark Electrical Services today. We are ready to help you with all your electrical needs whether you need an electrical installation, smoke detector services or outlet repair. If you are located in Frisco, schedule an appointment today!