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Top 7 Electrical Installations During a Renovation

guy installing an outlet in the garage

One of the best times to invest in electrical upgrades in your home is when you’re already planning changes or renovations! If you’re modernizing or repairing a room in your home, don’t forget to consider the electrical installations that can make your life safer and easier. Remember: whether you’re planning a professional or DIY renovation, Frisco electrical installations are best performed by a qualified electrician.

That’s why Benchmark Electrical Services offers top-quality services to the community. We can make quick work of all the home electrical upgrades that you need and make your renovation stress-free. Check out some of the top electrical installations that can take your renovation to the next level.

*Renovation Safety Tip — No matter how simple your installation may seem, electrical fires are the number one cause of house fires in the country! Every installation must be done right — let a qualified electrician do the job!

  1. Outlets: You probably underestimate how many electrical devices you use in your home until you run out of outlets! During your home renovation is the perfect time to assess your outlet needs. If your outlets were installed when your home was first built, you might not have the modern kind that has grounding wires for safety. You might even have two-pronged outlets that don’t accommodate three-pronged plugs! If you want to add more outlets to your home or upgrade them to meet your modern demands, our team has your back!
  2. GFCIs: Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are special outlets that prevent electricity from running on dangerous paths. These outlets are especially important in rooms that hold water such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. If your home does not have GFCI outlets in these rooms or near water sources, electrical currents could shock you or cause fires. Take some time during your renovation to have a professional assess your GFCI situation and install the necessary outlets.
  3. Electrical Panel: If your renovation includes expanding your home or adding a lot of outlets, then your home will be demanding a lot more electricity than it used to. Your electrical panel was designed to handle the load of your home when it was built, so you should make sure it can still provide safe electricity after the renovations. An electrician is your best bet to find out if you need an electrical panel upgrade or installation.
  4. Light Switches: You might think that traditional switches are the best fit for your home, but look at all the options while you’re renovating. Light switches are more than just a way to turn on and off lights — they can save you energy! With dimmer switches and sensor lights, you could be conserving energy and lowering your electricity bills. Plus, some lights can change color for a different mood in your home!
  5. Surge Protection: You’re probably familiar with surge protectors as strips you plug into the wall to protect your electrical devices. While this is great for small devices, it does not protect your appliances. Whole-home surge protectors can save your large appliances like your HVAC system, refrigerator and even your water heaters and softeners. You won’t have to worry again when a lightning storm passes through because our team has installed a surge protection shield on your entire home.
  6. Smart Home: Renovation is also a great time to consider investing in smart home devices. Smart home automation is about more than convenience and remote access. It gives you more control over the systems in your home and can help you run a more efficient and environmentally friendly house. Our team can speak with you about which areas of your home you’d like automated!
  7. Electrical Rewiring: Be aware of the age of your home to ensure your safety. If your home was built decades ago, the electrical wiring is probably not up to code. Not only is this inefficient, but it also poses a serious safety risk to your home. Rewiring should be completed by a professional to ensure the risk of fire or shock is low. Make your renovation thorough and safe with wiring installations!

Electrical Installations For All Your Needs

No matter if you’re renovating a room or the entire home, you should keep these important electrical installations in mind. Having this work done at the same time as your renovation could speed up the process and make your new space completely fresh and efficient off the bat. Benchmark Electrical Services is here to make the most of your renovation, so just give us a call at (469) 202-4624!