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How To Protect Your Electronics During A Storm

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Thunder rolls, lightning strikes and outlets short out. Don’t sacrifice your electronics by being unprepared for bad weather. The pros at Benchmark Electrical Services are prepared with sound advice on electrical safety in a storm. 

There are plenty of preventative measures you can take to ensure your home is safe from shortages. 

What Kind of Damage Can A Storm Cause on Electronics?

While big storms can do extreme damage to the exterior of a home, the electric appliances inside your house might experience damage or even get ruined.

Household appliances can only take so much voltage to power up correctly. During a storm, all it takes is one lightning bolt to strike an electrical pole to cause a power surge. A power surge can cause an electrical shortage in the home, which can fry all devices that are plugged in. Even small surges can drastically shorten the life of electronics. 

Electronic life aside, by not taking the necessary precautions, your life could be in danger while running the risk of being electrocuted. 

Steps to Take To Keep Your Appliances Safe

Electric professionals will recommend the following steps to ensure that you and your devices stay sheltered from a storm. 

Unplug, Unplug and Unplug Some More

The easiest and most effective way to protect the electronics in your home is to unplug them when the storm is approaching. This means everything from smaller devices like floor lamps to big appliances like televisions and microwaves.

Because electrical shortages are transmitted through outlets, disconnecting all plugs is an easy way to ensure that your electronics are safe from power surges.

Even if a storm is not in the forecast, it’s always a good idea to unplug at least your big electronics before leaving on vacation or a weekend trip. You never know when an unexpected storm might strike. 

Consider Installing Surge Protectors in Your Home

Because there is always a possibility a storm may strike when you’re away from home, there are other methods of precautions to take if you forget to unplug. Installing surge protectors keep your devices safe from potential power surges caused by lightning. These protectors work by diverting the power surge voltage from the outlets to a ground connection to protect devices that may have been left plugged in. 

Basic surge protectors can be purchased on Amazon, but it’s important to do the research and figure out which one is best suited for your home.

Know Your Insurance

Sometimes, accidents and damages happen. The most important way to ensure your home and all your devices’ safety is knowing your insurance or renter’s policy. It’s crucial to make sure your devices are covered.

Contact The Professionals

Keeping your expensive electronics safe from a powerful storm is often an afterthought. Not sure if your home is equipped the way it should be? Contact Benchmark Electrical Services for a storm protection consultation or any other electrical needs.