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What is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

electrical panel on a brick wall

Many homeowners believe that power strips are enough surge protection, but this isn’t always the case. Electrical systems need more protection than what most electricians consider to be an overhyped extension cord. 

Whole-home surge protection comes with many benefits, the most important being peace of mind. At Benchmark Electrical Services, we stand by whole-home surge protectors.

Cause of Power Surges

Power surges contain enough voltage to ruin home electrical devices. Some common causes of power surges include:

  • Fallen or damaged power lines
  • Nearby factory electrical usage
  • Short cycling of energy-sucking appliances

Damage from surges can be immediate and fatal to your appliances. While not all power surges cause damage, sometimes you may not even notice when it happens. An electrical device’s circuit could be fried by a powerful lightning storm one day, and then stop working the next. Once the damage is done, it may not appear for a while, making it all the more troublesome when the device stops working unexpectedly. 

Lightning strikes cause the most powerful power surges, and are just one reason you should opt for whole-home surge protection. While not the most common reason for surges, it can potentially burn through a lightbulb. With whole-home surge protection, the chance of lightning-induced damage is decreased. 

How Surge Protectors Work

A surge protector shields your home’s electrical system against damage caused by power surges. The way it works is by pulling the current from one outlet and coursing it through appliances plugged into the surge protector. The metal oxide varistor (MOV) within surge protectors diverts extra voltage, allowing the appliances to receive a consistent level of power. 

The MOV reduces resistance when it detects a high voltage level and vice versa. It will automatically redirect voltage when a problem may have occurred. The semiconductors within the MOV help move the resistance where needed.

Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Whole-home surge protectors triumph over single surge protectors any day. They can potentially stop a 40,000-amp surge from frying your electrical system, which accounts for nearly every type of power surge. Here are some more benefits of whole-home surge protection: 

Not “One Size Fits All”

Different homes need different voltage protection, which is why whole-home surge protectors aren’t uniform. Old homes have different voltage service than new homes, and your surge protector should take that into account. Do your research to find the surge protector right for your home, and be mindful of their warranties. 

Protects Electrical System

A surge protector protects your home’s appliances from damage and can protect your home’s entire electrical system. In the case of a strong power surge, the surge protector will send the surge back through the panel break and stop it. This not only guards your appliances but all other electrical devices in your home, right down to the last outlet.

Protects Home Technology

New houses are fashioned with many modern smart devices, giving your electrical system more circuits. This also gives your surge protector more to guard during strong storms. Whole-home surge protectors give you peace of mind that all your expensive devices are safe during a power surge, such as a charging laptop. It is advised that you unplug any charging electronics during a storm to avoid potential damage.

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