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3 Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Will Dazzle

outdoor lighting around a pool

Are you looking to get creative with your landscape lighting but aren’t sure where to begin?

Here at Benchmark Electrical Services, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate all the different lighting options on the market today. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best illumination for your needs and preferences.

We’re prepared to offer ideas for lighting configurations that will suit your home perfectly. We can install new lighting with ease, as well as service outlets, circuits, smoke detectors and more! Read ahead to learn a few outdoor lighting options to brighten your home!

1. Use Landscape Lighting To Set The Mood

One way to spice up your outdoor lighting is to find configurations or specific lights that add to the atmosphere of your landscaping. Depending on your desired aesthetic, the type of lighting you install can have a huge impact on your property. If you want to create a resting space, investing in lighting that makes the night sky more visible and vibrant is an efficient option.

This type of illumination is softer and pointed downward, reducing light pollution in your yard. Step lights and pathway lights are another way to play with the atmosphere of your landscaping and set a specific mood.

2. Patio Lights Make Parties Easier

Lighting can also be used to enhance your outdoor spaces for specific events and holidays.

Patio lights are powerful tools when it comes to hosting parties. With smart lighting becoming more popular, it’s easy to find kits and lamps that are remote-controlled and easy to change, depending on the theme of your social gathering.

Smart LED color-changing bulbs come in all different shapes, sizes and hues. This option is affordable and easy to install for special occasions. Many smart devices also have Bluetooth capabilities, connecting your music and bulbs to create a memorable experience for family and friends.

3. Highlight Your Home’s Aesthetic With A Unique Lighting Installation

Did you know that you can use your landscape lighting to accentuate the beauty of your home? Uplights are one of the most common lighting fixtures that homeowners use to boost their residence’s curb appeal. These devices can highlight the architectural design, stonework and other intricate landscape elements surrounding your property.

Warmer lighting is preferred to soften sharp edges during fall and summer. These shadows can be used to create a cozy ambiance, while the winter and spring seasons are perfect for cool-toned lights.

Contact Benchmark Electrical Services For Frisco Exterior Lighting

Now that you have a few new lighting ideas — don’t wait to reach out to us if you’re ready to install fresh lights today! We have options to suit the needs of any Frisco homeowner!

At Benchmark Electrical Services, we take pride in setting high standards when assisting our clients with their landscape lighting. You can trust our team to be transparent and honest every time they walk through your doors. From ceiling fan installations to faulty wiring repairs — we’re here to help you with all things electricity-related. For additional lighting guidance, connect with us today.