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Child-Proof Outlets

box outlet cover

Are you preparing for children in your home? If so, or even if you’re planning to have children in the future, it’s important to think about child-proof outlets. Let’s discuss why they’re so important and what kind of child-proofing options there are.

Child-Proof Outlets Are a Must

From infancy to early childhood, children and babies are at serious risk of severe shock injuries in a home without baby-proof outlets. Outlets sit much closer to a toddler’s line of sight than an adult’s, and curiosity makes an unprotected outlet dangerous. Even if your baby isn’t on the move exploring yet, they will be before you know it.

The Dangers of Unprotected Outlets

The main reason child-proof outlets are so important is that small children often imitate their parents. If a toddler has seen their parent plugging appliances into outlets, they will likely try to explore by putting something that looks like it fits into the outlet. Common objects children put in outlets are:

  • Keys
  • Jewelry
  • Paper clips
  • Hairpins
  • Knives or scissors

Any parent knows that it’s pretty difficult to keep objects like keys away from small children, so the best outlet shock prevention is a safe outlet.

Types of Baby-Proofing for Outlets

For short-term protection, like if you’re babysitting for a friend for the day, plastic outlet covers will do the trick. However, these aren’t adequate for the long-term protection of a child that visits often or lives in the house. Tamper-resistant outlets, while much safer than regular outlets, are not considered baby-proof either. While they won’t allow something to be plugged into only one side, an actual plug in the hands of a small child is just as dangerous.

For long-term shock prevention, box outlet covers and spring-loaded outlet covers are the best options. Children can’t open the box covers, and spring-loaded covers slide a cover into place whenever plugs are removed.

When it comes to the safety of your family, only the best is enough. To ensure proper child-proofing for your home, choose the go-to company for Frisco outlet installation. Benchmark Electrical’s experienced, licensed electricians will walk you through our child-proof outlet options and install them properly for a no-hassle child-proofing experience.

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