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Are USB Outlets Worth It?

usb outlet

All our phones, computers, tablets and more have evolved to use USB ports to transfer and communicate data. The more that we incorporate technology into our lives, the more we look for it in our homes. It’s only natural that we want every other process to run easily and smoothly in connection with all of our devices.

Luckily, Benchmark Electrical Services offers USB outlet installation. Read on to find out how USB outlets work and why they might be a great option for your home.

How Do USB Outlets Work?

You may have seen combination USB outlets that have the three pronged wall plug and the USB ports incorporated as well. With the power coming to the outlet for an electrical outlet, how can USB outlets be safe to use?

The power that comes into your outlet is reduced to 2.4 amps in the USB ports. This level of power is safe for your electronics – it can even charge them faster than a regular plug-in charger.

Benefits of USB Outlets

If you’re wondering what installing USB outlets will really do for your home, here are some of the advantages they bring.

Streamlined Charging

We all know the frustration of not having enough outlet space to charge all of our devices. We turn to bulky power strips and cramming too many chargers into one outlet. Not only does this take up room, it poses a fire risk. With two or more USB ports coming directly from the wall, you’ll have more room for all your devices to charge.

Stop Losing Your Adapters

All of our USB devices require us to have an adapter to plug into the wall. We fight over who has access to them and always struggle to make sure we have enough adapters for all of our different devices. With USB ports in the outlet, you can set aside your adapters for when you travel or need to use them in other locations.

Faster Charging

Many USB outlets have smart chips built into them that assess the optimal charging power that the plugged in device requires. This means that your devices could charge up to 40% faster than if they were plugged into the wall or into your laptop to charge.

Clear Up Space

Say goodbye to those power strips cluttering your living spaces. With your USB devices using the outlet, all your other electronics with three-pronged plugs will have more room to be connected to power.

Easy Install

USB outlets are no more difficult to install than regular outlets. We still recommend using a professional electrician to avoid any of the wiring mistakes that could leave you vulnerable to electrical fires.

Making Sure Your USB Outlets Are Safe

While there is nothing inherently more dangerous about USB outlets, you should be aware of these things when you are buying your USB outlet at the store. Unbranded or cheap USB outlets can pose safety risks. You shouldn’t trust outlets that have:

  • No brand
  • No CE markings
  • No amperage details
  • No safety instructions
  • No compatible devices list

Tread carefully, and make sure that the outlets you install in your home will be safe and functional.

Count On Benchmark Electrical Services

Our team of expert electricians are experienced in the safety regulations of outlet installation. If you would like more information on outlets or are ready to schedule an installation appointment, contact us today! We’ll be happy to help bring more technology to your home in a safe and dependable manner.